Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Knish Beta

Followed this recipe per last week's knish lecture. I guess the compromises it makes (modern chemical leavener vs. traditional yeast, volume measures instead of weight, lack of certain descriptives, etc), is to appeal to the general public, not someone hungry for the authentic, true knish with a culinarily precise, repeatable product. But the knishes came out well -- even if the dough was a little more brittle than I like on a knish -- perhaps in part to a few modifications I made to the recipe, including:

  1. Carmelized the onions longer and with more oil than recommended, which all ended in the potato mixture.
  2. I let the dough rest for a solid hour to make rolling and cutting easier. 
  3. The recipe describes an assembly that would result in a bagel-shaped knish. Instead, I did a simple square with a lump in the middle, then folded up the sides to make a kind of giant open-faced dumpling, aka Shao Mai.
  4. Used white pepper instead of black, which gave a distinctive sharp note. Also, I think it looks nicer in the finished product.

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