Tuesday, November 1, 2011

The Knishening -- What We Learned

C'mon ev'rybody! Let's put on a show!
  1.  I enjoy baking knishes en masse.
  2. The heaviest October snowfall in recorded history will mess up a start-up knishery's debut.
  3. People like free knishes. Many were generous with donations after tasting.
  4. People really like chocolate hazelnut knishes.
  5. Hell will freeze over when I bake 568 knishes in my home kitchen again. Or, Spring -- whichever comes first.
  6. Realized that if I don't do a proper debut in the spring, the Empenadas/Perogies/Shumai/Borekas/(insert ethnic dumpling here) will have won. That ain't right.
  7. The Lo Down has got my back. And rep is built one knish at a time.
  8. A friend will store two trays of knishes in her fridge, and when she getS stuck in her building's elevator with them for two hours, she will only eat two.  (I don't know whether to be happy, sad, horrified, or relieved she didn't eat more....)
  9. My wife. My wife!!:
The Power Behind the Knish
Imagine having your partner baking and making a mess 12 to 14 hours a day for 5 days straight, after a weekend of piling up potatoes, onions and other bulk goods all over your kitchen. Imagine that while working full time. Imagine that while looking after a rambunctious toddler. And now imagine that while NINE AND A HALF MONTHS PREGNANT. And now on top of that, imagine STILL being happy with your life, STILL pitching in as much as possible with your partner's knish fantasies, STILL picking up the slack no matter what happens. I don't have to imagine it, fortunately, I married that tough dame!

So in the immediate future, a baby is popping in on us (names that come to mind: Potato, Lil' Spinachy, Knenny, and of course, in honor of the town from whence our dumpling came, Knyszyn. Who needs vowels when you got love?) Expect to see:
  • a Kickstarter campaign before 2012, 
  • a few top secret Knishery NYC plans for the winter, 
  • continued recipe experimentation recorded on this site,
  • and a proper, non-snowed out Knishery NYC debut in the Spring!
Rumor has it that we'll be opening up a proper store in the new year. I think I might have said that because I was cold standing in the park with my knishes, thinking how wonderful it would be to be able to serve knishes right out of a hot, radiant hearth. Because love don't come out of no microwave!

Thanks and good knishing,

Noah Wildman
That Guy, Knishery NYC


  1. I think that photo of B is gonna make me cry. What a beauty! Good luck knishery nyc!

  2. I only ate two because you left with with two trays full of Kasha! I hate Kasha. If you left me with the chocolate hazelnut, the trays would have come back empty and I would have been dead from sugar shock.