Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Knishery NYC Sponsors the Blue Card 5 Boro Bike Team.

During my life, I've been very lucky to be able to professionalize my hobbies. I've helped run an indie record label, I've worked as a graphic designer, and I've cooked in restaurants (as well as muck about with a certain Knishery project you may be aware of!). One life-long hobby that I've just been too fat/noncompetitive/slow to indulge in professionally is cycling. However, last year I was recruited to be the Team Captain for the Blue Card's first-ever team in the 5 Boro Bike Ride. The Blue Card is a charity that provides funds and services to the remaining Holocaust survivors who are in need. The 5 Boro Bike Ride is a huge, multi-level bike ride that tours through the entirety of NYC.

This year, Knishery NYC is proud to sponsor this team. A knish or two will be distributed to anyone who rides on the team. Additionally, any person who donates $200 or more to my fundraising goal will get one dozen knishes of their choice either delivered by bike (in the 5 Boros) or delivered overnight (in the continental USA) in mid April! Here is the link:

Click through to read more about the event, the Blue Card, and my motivation for supporting this worthy cause.

Here is a snapshot from last year. Just think, had they waited a year, they would have had some knishes in their pockets!
From left to right: Me, Lil' Bobo, Raoul, Fontina La Rue, Heshy the Brisket Man, Shmendrick, Joyce, and Big Earl. In Front: The Knishmobile
I was at Whole Foods on Houston today with my 2-month-old strapped to my chest. On the walk back, we passed by Yonnah Schimmel's. I stopped and stared in the window, reading the framed reviews which some seemed to date back almost to its establishment in 1910, dreaming the knish dream. Whilst in my knish-reverie, I was not noshing on one of Shimmel's potato-bombs, but I was chomping down on brown rice avocado & cucumber nori rolls. If there was something less bomb-like in YS, perhaps I would have considered it for a casual afternoon nosh... Ah, to build a less bomb-like knish, to compete with the brown rice nori rolls of the world.... reminds me of the story of my great grandpop, a rabbi who went to South America to makes some money as a goucho....but that's for another time...

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