Thursday, August 9, 2012

My Knishes TALK!

If these knishes could talk, what would they say? Well, the two fine people pictured below came to KnisheryNYC headquarters yesterday and spent a few hours finding out. They were kinda disappointed to find that knishes are actually just inanimate objects that you are supposed to eat, but once they got over it, they filmed me making our signature knishes and talking about three things I consider myself an expert in:

  • Myself
  • Makin' 'nishes
  • New York (because all native NYers are experts in NYC, fugeddaboudit)
Heather & Mitch, knish-anthropomorphisers

Heather & Mitch have been working on a documentary about New York City accents called If These Knishes Could Talk for over half a decade, and now that they are near the end of filming, they found they were light on actual knish content. I asked Heather why she'd feature the knish in the title of her passion project that ostensibly was not about knishes, she replied, "I was hungry." After an awkward pause that never happened because she didn't say that, she explained that to her, the knish was a proud and uniquely NYC icon that still exists, but seems to have faded a bit in recent decades, just like the Noo Yawk accent.

Did they go to a dirty water dog cart for their knish? NO! Did they go to the Gabilla factory to check out a big machine stamping out doughy yellow fried potato bombs? NO! Did they  go to Smorgasburg and change the name of their doc because Heather discovered Korean Tacos? NO! They came to the Lower East Side, and filmed me giving birth (excuse me, boith) to these little ones:

From left to right, from top: Hymie, Nachum, Malka, Elie, Schlomo, Milli, Edie, Edna, Milty, Aggie, Miriam, Harry, Sara, Herschel, Hershel, Hershell, Rodrigo and Sol.
And guess what? After Heathala and Mitchala took their fare share, the rest of the kids are now at Malt & Mold ready to be adopted! Just think! You can be eating a famous knish that is starring in a big moderate budget Hollywood NYC action adventure documentary!

Speaking of Malt & Mold, they're having a beer tasting this Saturday (8/11) from 4 to 7pm. On hand will be a whole mess of mini knishes (spinach & roasted garlic, pastrami and potato & caramelized onion) for sampling with your beer. Huzzah!
And no, that was not the big news I've been hinting at this summer. Plans are still in the work, so stay tuned!

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