Thursday, April 19, 2012

Brooklyn Historical Society: Knish'd

 Want to to taste a Knishery NYC knish? Want to know what this knish noise is all about? Then come to the Brooklyn Historical Society for a lecture and tasting with Knishery NYC's guru, Laura Silver!! Knishery NYC will be providing the nosh at this mighty meeting of the knish minds!
Wednesday, April 25 - Knish History - 7:00 p.m.
What is a knish? Perhaps you've encountered the square fried version at a street cart, or come across the baked, round kind at one of New York's surviving knisheries. Join journalist and food expert Laura Silver in exploring this wrapped potato pastry of Eastern European Jewish origin through legends, songs, and tastings. Knish enthusiasts, knish veterans and the knish curious are all warmly invited to join this interactive exploration. We'll explore the history of this storied food on American shores. From the Knish Wars of Rivington Street to Mayor Rudy Guiliani's 1990s regulation of oven temperatures in the city's sidewalk food carts, the potato pocket is inextricably linked to the history of New York City. We'll conclude the class with a knish tasting. Bring your questions and memories. Tickets $10/$8 BHS members. Purchase your ticket here. This program is part of Brooklyn Jewish stories, in partnership with BHS’s Brooklyn Jewish Historical Initiative.
Ten bucks for an inspirational lecture that will make you believe in the knish dream, AND some handmade, artisinal knishes? Whatta bargain! The staff of Knishery NYC will be attending toward the end of the night for the tasting and to take any questions and comments about those lil' balls of oniony potato goodness.

A few points of order:
  • Thank you to all who ordered Passover-style knishes! I did not write too much about these because I really struggled with getting the matzoh-meal dough to not be so...crumbly, chalky and dull, and resorted to the tricks of powdered potato gluten, adjusting water ratios and soakings, to get something that....just did not satisfy me as much as normal dough. Next year, in Jerusalem! I will try to spend more time working on the formula.
  • There is still a big-ish piece of news coming down the pipe which will hopefully be announced in the next week or two, but, alas, it is not under my magical knish mind control powers....
  • As previously announced, Knishery NYC is THE official sponsor of the Bluecard Team in this year's 5 Boro Bike Tour. The Bluecard gives support and direct financial aide to destitute Holocaust survivors living in the United States. You can give here, and if you give $200 or more, Knishery NYC will send you complimentary knishes (details here)

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