Sunday, October 13, 2013

The Beast Awakens....

Before you have a knish, before the dough or the potato peeling, you gotta do some cryin'...
....for one day only! KnisheryNYC is firing up the ovens this week for the Grub Street event this coming Sunday, October 20th. Last year we manned our own booth and blew through over 500 knishes and 800 minis. This year, we will be supplying the fine folks at local beer/cheese/sundry purveyors Malt & Mold with a strictly limited number of the following:

  • Potato & Caramelized Onion Knish
  • Pastrami & Coriander Knish

and if we can master the recipe this week, a very limited number of....

  • Kn'oissants, a mash up of a croissant and a cheese knish. Because we never try to jump on a trend. (Isn't a mash up of a croissant and a cheese knish a cheese danish? Well, if a mash up of a donut and croissant is not a damn French Cruller, than damn it, I'm going with Kn'oissant™!)

Fresh, hot, knishilicious! See you Sunday!

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