Monday, November 5, 2012

Sandy ate all the knishes. Kickstarter to reboot for Spring!

Hello all you beautiful supporters,

I am sad to report I am pulling the plug on the KnisheryNYC Kickstarter project with about 3 days to go. Due to Hurricane Sandy, all the plans to promote and build excitement around the project in the last 10 days were delayed or cancelled, and I was too busy relocating my family to safety for the past week to give KnisheryNYC much thought.

There has been a really nice uptick in support in the past 2 days, but regardless I do not feel comfortable reaching out to friends, family, knish-lovers and NYC residents for money (or even the time to think about knishes) when our city is still reeling.

As this Kickstarter is incomplete, you will not be charged for your contributions. As much as I like to tease the borough of my youth as something I'd like to forget about, my heart aches about the ongoing fallout from the storm on Staten Island, affecting many families of the friends who, like I, left the Rock years ago. The funds you were going to contribute to KnisheryNYC, please consider donating to an organization like Tunnel to Towers, where you can direct 100% of your contributions to the relief those put out by the storm on Staten Island.

Do not worry, KnisheryNYC is ongoing. We are about to make a few announcements (hint: Thanksgiving knishes!) and will relaunch the Kickstarter in late February/early March, just in time to help us spring into the busy season! Please sign up for regular updates by going to our website  or liking us on Facebook!


Noah Wildman
KnisheryNYC, Owner/Operator

PS - While I was a refugee on the Upper East Side at Hotel Grandma, I purchased some knishes from Gourmet Garage. In the midst of chaos, it was the off-flavored, mealy inspiration I needed to keep on knishin'

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